Hitler’s NSDAP Summer Dress Uniform   1937- 1939

In both single and double-breasted cut,  White Jacket worn with white shirt and black tie, the black pants worn with dress shoes. The dress brocade belt(s) were the only belts worn.   The brown NSDAP uniform cap was generally worn with the sole exception where he wore his matching white NSDAP uniform cap. A pair of white dress gloves completed the uniform. 

It is believed these uniforms were officially retired along with his other brown uniforms and were never worn after the outbreak of the war.

The following are photos of his original white uniforms scorched by fire

Still bearing the tag of his Berlin tailor Wilhelm Holters with his name, title and date. Loops for his three awards weresewn onto the jackets breast.

The white uniform is Nirvana. Thank you for posting these. 🙂


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