¡¡¡ I solved the mystery !!!

That day, Adolf was with Winifred Wagner, so I link immediately to the mysterious girl in the picture with a daughter of Winifred, Verena, and when I made the comparison, it turned out that she was.

(Obviously, if we compare the photo of Adolf with the two daughters of Winifred, with photo ofAdolf Happy”, we realize that it took years later, since the girl is practically a woman.)

Now in Spanish)

Resolví el misterio!! Ese día, Adolf estaba con Winifred Wagner,así que de inmediato relacioné a la misteriosa chica de la foto con una de las hijas de Winifred, Verena, y cuando hice las comparaciones, resultó ser que era ella

(Obviamente,si comparamos la foto de Adolf con las dos hijas de Winifred, con la   de Adolf Feliz”, nos damos cuenta que se tomó años después, ya que la chica es prácticamente una mujer.)

The girl in the middle photo is almost always identified incorrectly as Unity Mitford, or even Eva Braun. It is indeed Verena Wagner, or “Verchen,” as Hitler would call her.


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