This is the first-ever known photo of Eva Braun pictured with Hitler’s entourage.  

This image was found in the papers of Egon Hanfstaengl in 2008 and was first published at that time. The date of this photo is May, 1932, somewhere in Hesse, which is hundreds of miles away from Eva’s home in Munich. This meant she was at least occasionally travelling with him even in these early days. They had become lovers in November, 1931. 

What’s amazing is that Eva is pictured with Emil Maurice, Hitler’s old chauffeur who was not close to Hitler in 1932 because Himmler discovered he had Jewish blood (Emil was S.S. man #2!) Hitler decided that Emil and his brothers could remain in the S.S. and blew off Himmler’s intrigues. Putzi stands in the background. 

Note Eva holding a camera. 


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